The boutique (full strength) range of U-Brew It beers

Redwood Ale 4.5% Original Soft light wheat beer with fine hops and clean fruity finish.
Irish Old 4.3% Tooheys Old Smooth grain flavours. Perfect early morning beer.
*Canadian Lager 4.9% Moosehead A strong well-matured lager with delicate hops and rich texture.
*Canadian Pilsner 4.9% Blue Pilsner Light malt flavour with a full firm finish.
Danish Lager 4.8% Carlsberg Soft lager with well-balanced flavour.
Czech Pils 4.7% Pilsner Urquell A beer that doesn’t just say hops it shouts hops.
Danish Pilsner 4.8% Tuborg Roasted malt with slightly floral hopiness.
Dutch Dark Lager 4.9% Heineken Dark Dark and flavoursome but not heavy. Good Christmas dinner brew.
Dutch Lager 4.7% Grolsch A classic Dutch pilsner style beer.
*Dutch Pilsner 4.8% Heineken Classic pilsner, smooth fruity flavour, fine hop bitterness and a clean dry finish.
*Scottish Lager 4.9% Tennants Lager Distinctive lager from the highlands of Scotland. Rich, smooth and goes down like a dream.
German Lager #2 4.9% Original Light bodied Munich pale ale.
Japanese Lager 4.9% Sapporo Lager Golden coloured light bodied Japanese lager.
Mexican Dark Lager 4.5% Dos Equis Medium bodied Mexican style lager.
Newcastles Finest 4.9% Newcastle Brown Medium bodied brown ale style.
Pale Ale #1 4.9% Bass Amber/copper pale ale.
Pale Ale #2 4.8% Double Diamond Pale brown ale.
Steam Beer 4.8% Anchor Steam American specialty.
*Tokyo Gold 4.3% Kirin Golden light bodied Japanese beer.
*Colombia Pils 4.9% Labbatt Blue Refreshing Pilsner with low bitterness and light body.
Canadian Dry 4.9% Labbatt Dry Light coloured, dry style mounty.
Irish Dry 5.0% Tooheys Dry Very dry light bodied Aussie.
*Japanese Dry 4.9% Asahi Dry A light coloured light bodied styled beer. Sweet start with a medium to dry finish.
*Japanese Super Dry 4.9% Asahi Super Dry A golden coloured light bodied pilsner styled beer. A dry finish.
Munich Lager 4.5% Becks Distinctive lager that hails from Germany, give it a go.
UBI Premium 4.9% Hahn Premium Light bodied premium, the best of Australian
*Tassie Lager 4.9% James Boag Draught Light golden coloured beer with low bitterness and medium hop flavour.
Spades Gold Ale 4.9% Speights Gold Dark coloured ale with low bitterness, hop flavour and hop aroma.
Daktari 5% Lion Larger A crisp, light golden larger with low/medium bitterness, hop flavour and hop aroma.
Tassie Premium 4.6% Boags Premium Premium light bodied larger.
Rascals Pilsner 4.6% Reschs
A classic pilsner with medium bitterness.
Parma IPA 4.1% Palmers Draft IPA Classic golden coloured pale ale with medium bitterness.
*Gluten free option available