Facilities provided by U-Brew It, Midvale WA


U-Brew It Midvale is found at 21 Farrall Road Midvale.

The shop has pristine facilities for bottling, with our stainless steel bottle steriliser able to sterilise and rinse all your bottles for an entire brew at once.

Then you move to the stainless steel bottling table, with the easy to use taps and cappers all ready and waiting with your ice-cold beer.

If you prefer canning, our canning machine is state-of-the-art. So simple and easy to use, with 100 cans for only $40, it is the preferred method for many busy people. The new "gold bullet" cans are 500ml, enough to quench a real thirst.

Do you have your own keg fridge at home? Kegs are simple, just drop them off, our staff will ensure they are cleaned and filled, ready and waiting for you to collect in no time at all.

Did you know you can mix and match? Why not fill 2 kegs and put the rest in cans or bottles for take-aways?

If you have a party or event coming up, there is nothing better than a keg hire. We have keg hire boxes available with single taps or double, arrange as much beer as you like. The best thing is that the leftover beer can be canned or bottled after the event, so make sure you have enough beer and don’t run out, and enjoy the rest at your leisure - no waste. Gas is supplied as part of our package. The keg hire boxes are so simple to use you will wonder why you haven’t done it before. We also have the large plastic beer cups for sale, and jugs and ice too, all essential for your party.


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