Meet the team at U-Brew It Joondalup WA

Rhys - Has a degree in Mircrobrewing at ECU university and has been making his own beer now for best part of a decade. 


Dan - We don't call this guy the man for nothing. He brews, filters and carbonates like a champion. Loves nothing more than the sweet tickle of Golden Ale cascading down his palate.  


Liam - He loves beer. Absolutely loves it. Well not just beer, other things as well but he really does love beer. Specialising in great beard grain, he is more than happy to navigate you towards your beer of choice. 


Connaire - Our English import here at Joondalup, he is always putting in 100% effort to each and every brew that he makes. Guaranteed great taste, you can trust he'll always make a great beer.


Roddy - Is our best customer and takes heaps of pride in his job and ensuring your beer is top notch. This man is a living legend with over two hundred 50L brews to his name; think you can beat that? 

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