What people think about U-Brew It, Para Hills West SA

"Ginger Beer is to die for. Love the social side of brewing and bottiling."

John - One Tree Hill

"Love the innovation, little tweaks for huge results. Love the atmosphere and social culture."

Wayne - Mawson Lakes

"Beer is great! I’llbe back in 2 weeks for more."

Griffin - Salisbury North

"Wish I knew earlier, great drop any brew. Great knowledge and helpful staff. See you in 2 weeks."

Brett - Modbury North.

"Awesome range, great help and beautiful BEER.  You’re won me UBREWIT."

Max - Salisbury East.

"Best Wheat Beer Ever. Why would you go to the pub? I love my Kegerator."

Wiggy - Valley View.

"If you ever want Beer at it’s purest, come and see Mick at Ubrewit Para Hills West. Preservative Free Beer tastes the best and the only way you find out is if you try it."

Brian - Northeastern Suburbs.

"Great Range, Great help, Great People. Will be back for more."

Mario - Stepney.

"If your looking for a great Brew, Come in and see Mick and his Crew."

Buddha - Stepney.

"U Brewit, What a great drop,
Tried many and now I can’t stop.
Enjoyed the fun of brewing,
And sampling this fine drop."

John B. and Bill L. - Ingle Farm

"Friendly advice leading to a great beer."

Steve - Salisbury Hghts.

"I bought a Gift Voucher for my husband’s birthday and now there is no stopping him!!!! It’s a great social afternoon with great hosts."

Sue - Greenwith

"With all the varieties to choose from, it was like I was a kid again tying to to pick which Lollies to buy. I had but one option, I had to try them all! 2years on, 20 different varieties tried, 1 keg system purchased and a lot of new friends made. I am a convert to U BREW IT Beer.

Thanks and good luck in the future. I’m off to Canberra now to continue my adventure thru the flavours. Cheers!

Jason - Burton

Great fun to brew your own beer, even better drinking it. Not interested in driving thru the local bottle shop ever again.

Dan - Golden Grove.

Excellent choices, great beer, Fantastic canning set up and great fun.

Mick - Gulfveiw Hghts.

Great Idea. Huge range to choose from. Great to get together with the guys and have a few beers.

Wayne - Gulfview Hghts.

I love going to UBREWIT, it’s an enjoyable experience, it’s cheap high quality beer and the boy’s are there with a helping hand.

John - Para Hills West.

Good range of beers, save a few bucks and make your own – and you can even customize it to the real McCoy.

Olaf - Adelaide, Germany and the World.

Great atmosphere, very helpful staff, very happy customers that have a great time brewing everytime. I work at West end and come down here to get my beer.

Leigh and Ian - Parafield Gardens.

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