Here's how:

At U-Brew It Joondalup we are dedicated to producing delicious commercial quality beer, with NO chemicals or preservatives. With over 12 years experience our staff can guarantee every brew we make - every time.

There are over 100 beers from all over the world to choose from; most come in 6 carton lots, but at Joondalup we also have a selection of our most popular brews available in 2 carton amounts. Either way, you only pay $25.00 per carton! And because our brews are all natural,they not only taste better, but you'll feel better in the morning...

So how does it all work? Easy as pie - firstly you make your choice of beer, and book it with our friendly staff. If you're interested you can came down and measure out your brew and watch it being cooked.

Next, you book a time to come in and package your brew. There are 3 options for doing this; bottles(yours or ours), cans, or your own kegs. Whichever you choose, it's quick, easy and fun! And of course your delicious beer is ready to drink while you're doing it. You can bring friends or family down if you want to - everyone's welcome!

Our customers love the delicious all natural flavours of our beers - and they especially love the money they save.

**And don't forget, we are Party Keg Hire specialists. Here at Joondalup the total cost, including beer, cabinet, ice and gas is only $230.00. The best price in town!

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