Frequently asked questions about micro-brewing with U-Brew It

Q.Why does the beer have to be refridgerated?

A.Your beer contains no preservatives, so re-fermentation may occur given the right circumstances. Sugars in Beer can ferment at temperatures 7degC and above so refrigeration is required to keep the temperature below this mark.

Q. How long does the beer last?

A. As long as it's refridgerated, pretty much indefinately (or depending how long it takes you to drink it!). Many of the darker and heavier beers will continue to improve with age.

Q. Why is the beer so cheap?

A. U-Brew It doesn't have to fund expensive advertising campaigns as the big brewers do. Because you participate in the brewing process a reduced excise tax rate is applied as well. You are also only paying for the beer and not the bottles, cans, boxes etc, unless you wish to.