Gluten free beer

U Brew It is the Gluten Free Beer Specialists

Customers wanting Gluten Free Beer have the choice of over 40 beers from our menu that can be made as gluten free beers.  These include Pilsners, Draughts, Ales and Lagers with flavours from around Australia and around the world.  Gluten Free Beer can be made for around $30 per carton / slab.

When looking at our Beer Ranges (Popular through to Super Strength), look for the asterix* as this denotes that the beer can be made gluten free.

We brew in 50 litre batches (six cartons / slabs).  Beer can be packaged into your own bottles or kegs or you can purchase bottles, cans or kegs (various sizes) – ask our friendly staff for further details. 

Rest assured that you will end up with the best tasting commercial grade Gluten Free Beer at a very reasonable price compared to what is on the market.  We believe our beer is far superior to any beer that you are able to buy in the market place and this view is reinforced by many of our Gluten Free Customers who have made their local U Brew It micro brewery their own since brewing and drinking our Gluten Free Beer.  We use a sorghum extract in place of our other malts and we use first class hops to achieve this high standard.  Glucose is also often included in many of the recipes.

When booking your brewing and bottling sessions please let our staff know that you are a Gluten Free Customer as brewing and bottling times are specifically scheduled.

You won’t look back.

Cheers from the U Brew It Team!