The lighter-strength range of U-Brew It beers

American Light 4.0% Original A drink anytime light bodied American styled beer.
Golden Goose Light 3.5% Swan Gold It’s got to be good – it’s got W.A. in it.
Bald Eagle Light 2.7% Eagle Blue Copper coloured, light bodied Australian type beer.
Perth Special Bitter 2.8% Fosters Spec. Bitter Beat the booze bus, drink this one.
Westies Light 2.7% West End Light Low maltiness and good bodied low alcohol beer.
Irish Blue 2.7% Tooheys Blue Darker coloured light beer.
Pilsner Light 4.0% Original A classic Pilsner light bodied beer.
Pub Bitter 3.9% Original Classic English bitter also available to full strength.
Running Bird Draught 3.6% Emu Draft A well-balanced lighter alcohol brew in typical Australian style.
Bayswater Bitter 3.3% Matilda Bay Bitter Sweet malt flavour and a keen hop bite.
Malaga Mid 3.5% Carlton Mid Full flavoured mid strength lager.
Columbia Lite 4.4% Labatt Lite A light coloured light bodied style beer.
Hodes Ice Lite 3.0% Hahn Light Lower alcohol version of the real thing but still with plenty of Pilsner taste.
Interstella Lite 4.0% Stella Artois Lite Lower alcohol version of the real thing but still with plenty of Belgian taste.
Mountain Lite 4.0% Cascade Light Lite textured larger with a light malt flavour and every bit as good as it's stronger version.
Redwood Light 3.5% Redback Light Soft light wheat beer with a lower alcohol volume to the real thing.
Four Aces Gold 3.5% XXXX Gold Golden coloured medium bodied Australian larger with medium to high bitterness.
Sunshine Ale 3.8% Townes Sunshine A classic lo-carb light bodied beer.