The specialty range of U-Brew It beers

Avonlea Ale 4.9% Original Light, crisp with a hint of wheat. Perfect for a hot evening.
Bohemian Larger 5.2% Original Lighter German style beer (if there is such a thing) with a distinct high bitterness and a light body.
*Canadian Ale 4.9% Original Typical Canadian ale. Smooth as silk.
Cream Ale 4.8% Original Mellow & Smooth, enhanced by a soft fruity character.
Creamy Porter 4.6% Original Black coloured, medium full bodied Porter style beer.
Dunkel Weizen 4.7% Original Brown coloured, medium bodied wheat styled beer.
English Bitter 5.3% Original A classic English bitter.
German Lager #1 4.9% Original Golden coloured, light bodied classic Pilsner style beer.
Golden Wheat Lager 4.8% Original Delicate wheat aftertaste leaving your tastebuds begging for more.
India Pale Ale 5.6% Original Is based on the beer brewed to fortify His Majesty's troops in the heyday of the British Raj.
Irish Lager 4.8% Original If you like Harp Lager you will like this one.
Munich Dunkel 4.7% Original A brown Bavarian dark styled beer.
Munich Helles 4.9% Original Lighter in colour than usual Munich beers.
Northern Brown Ale 4.8% Original Medium Brown coloured ale style beer.
Nut Brown Ale 4.3% Original Medium brown coloured, medium bodied brown ale style beer.
Oktoberfest Larger 5.2% Original Exhibits a strong dry malt flavour rather than the caramel flavour of the Dunkel.
Special Bitter 4.8% Original An English bitter with a strong and pronounced malt flavour.
Weizen 4.8% Original Golden light coloured, light bodied wheat styled beer.
Scottish Heavy 4.1% Original Dark heavy bodied Scotsman. Enjoy!
*Original Plzen 4.7% Original Golden coloured, light bodied classic Pilsner beer.
*Toro Cervesa 5.1% Original If you like Mexican beer this one is for you.
UBI Ginger Beer 4.5% Original Just like Grandma’s.
*The Funnelweb 6.1% Original Light bodied strong smooth larger.
UBI Apple Cider 4.8% Original Nice middle of the range cider in sweet or dry.
Oatmeal Stout 5.5% Original A black coloured medium bodied stout style beer.
*Arizona Honey Lemon 5.2% Original A golden coloured low bodied fruit lager styled beer.
*Honey Cream Lager 5.1% Original A golden coloured medium bodied honey lager.
Honey Brown Ale 5% Original A light brown coloured medium bodied Canadian specialty style beer.
UBI Ginger Cider 4.5% Ginger Cider Perfect to quech the thirst on a summers day.
Cairns Bright Ale 5.1% Original Good balance of hops and malt with low bitterness.
Cairns KP Larger 5.4% Original A rich golden coloured lager with low bitterness.
*Gluten free option available