The popular (full strength) range of U-Brew It beers

*St Louis Lager 4.3% Budweiser Typical American Pilsner. Light colour and body with a fresh aromatic hop.
*Colorado Lager 4.8% Coors Very clean, light dry lager with minimal malt.
Mainstreet Lager 4.4% Stroh's Golden Coloured, light/medium bodied American style beer.
*American Draft 4.8% Genuine Draft Low bitterness, low hop, golden coloured. Typical draft beer.
*Irish Red 4.8% Tooheys Red Light malt and fresh hop flavour make this an ideal beer for a dry hot day.
MCG Bitter 4.8% VB Slightly sweet on the palate with a clean hop finish.
Forester’s Lager 4.9% Fosters Lager The beer that made Australia famous. Light and well hopped for summer.
Kings Lager 4.8% Crown Lager Light coloured, full flavoured lager with finely balanced malt and slightly sweet finish.
Southern Premium 5.5% Southwark Distinctive hoppiness to disguise Adelaide’s off tasting water.
*Mountain Lager 5.1% Cascade Light textured lager with a light malt flavour and extremely smooth hop finish.
Caribbean Lager 4.5% Red Stripe Light coloured, light bodied Caribbean style beer. Sit back & watch the sunset.
*Mexican Crown 4.7% Corona Pale, light beer perfect for a dry hot summers day.
New Zealand Lager 4.9% Stein Lager Perfect beer if you’re homesick (Kiwi).
*Running Bird Bitter 4.4% Emu Bitter Amber coloured with pronounced bitterness and aroma.
Headwind Bitter 4.8% Fremantle Bitter Medium bodied Aussie.
*Running Bird Export 4.8% Emu Export Typical West Aussie lager.
*Malayan Pilsner 4.9% Tiger Lager Classic light bodied Pilsner style.
Hodes Ice 4.6% Hahn Ice Light bodied Australian.
*Canuck Lager 4.9% Molson Canadian Canadian light bodied lager with medium bitterness.
*Thai Pilsner 4.7% Singha A straw coloured light bodied pilsner.
*Chinese Pilsner 4.8% Tsing Tao A golden coloured light bodied pilsner styled beer.
Malaga Chill 4.8% Carlton Cold Full flavoured Australian styled lager.
Bali Bitter 4.5% Bintang

A pale golden coloured, light bodied beer. Medium bitterness with medium hop flavour and aroma.

*Demon Bitter 4.8% Melbourne Bitter

One for the Melbournians who are finding it hard to change.

UBI Blondey 4.7% Pure Blonde A classic lo-carb light bodied beer.
Chelada 4.0% Millers Chill

An easy drinking lager with a twist of lime.

*Gluten free option available