The super-strength range of U-Brew It beers

Bavarian Bock 6.1% Original This German Bock is sweet and strong and will knock you down like and old billy goat.
Belgian Trippel 7.6% Duvel Named after the Devil and for good reason. Powerful golden lager style.
English Strong Ale 6.4% Original One for a cold winters night by a log fire. A big round flavour and some extra alcohol to warm the toes.
Scotch Ale 8.2% Original Typical Scottish Ale. More emphasis on the malt flavours with a clean lager taste. One of the most potent of the U-Brew It range and is sure to put a haggis in your sporran.
Weizenbock 6.7% Original Produced a dark brown heavy bodied Bock styled beer.
Danish Strong Lager 6.9% Elephant Beer Strong lager style as the name suggests.
Rockingham Indian Pale Ale 6.4% Original A new version of the Indian Pale Ale.
Abdij Bier 7.3% Original A dark golden coloured medium bodied Belgian style beer.
Olde St. Nick 9.9% Original A dark golden coloured medium bodied Belgian style beer.
Russian Imperial Stout 8.5% Original A black coloured full bodied stout style beer.
Expresso Stout 5.9% Original A black coloured full bodied coffee stout styled beer.
Barley Wine 10.1% Original A copper coloured, full bodied barley wine style beer.
Old Particular 7.3% Old Peculiar A dark brown coloured, medium bodied strong ale style beer.
Wheat Stout 6.3% Cascade Stout A dark coloured medium bodied stout style ale with medium bitterness and medium hop flavour.
Diamond Ale 5.8% Coopers Sparkling Ale This ale has a medium/high bitterness, medium hop flavour and aroma.
Old Freckled Hen 6.7% Old Speckled Hen A smooth golden ale with hints of liquorice.
Horny Toad Dunkel Weizen 6.8% UBI Original Dark coloured medium bodied wheat ale.