The gourmet (full strength) range of U-Brew It beers

*Alsacian Ale 6.4% Fisher d' Alsace Golden coloured ale, full strength and flavour.
Dortmund 5.5% D.A.B. This beer has the fine balance between malt and hops.
Irish Stout 4.2% Guinness Robust full-flavoured stout. Unique rich and dark texture is from a specially roasted malt.
Scottish Export 4.5% Original Honey amber colour, flavour reminiscent of McEwan’s Export with a delicious ale taste.
*Prague Spring Pils. 4.7% Staropramen This Pilsner has high bitterness, high hop flavour and high hop aroma.
Bad Dog Lager 5.1% Dogbolter Full flavoured brown lager and heavy bodied with low bitterness.
*Munchener Hell 4.7% Paulaner M Hell A classic Munich Helles style beer.
Interstella Lager 5% Stella Artous Light bodied with hint of honey flavour.
Canadian Specialty 4.9% Shaftesbury Cream A brown coloured medium bodied brown ale.
Kenny's Revenge 4.8% Kilkenny Draught An amber coloured medium bodied style beer.
Irish Ale 4.9% Caffreys An amber coloured ale you can chew.
Honey Brown
Ale No. 2 – 5%
Sleemans Ale Medium bodied Canadian specialty beer with low bitterness and medium hop flavour.
Old Country Special Bitter 5.4% Fuller’s ESB A golden coloured, medium bodied English Bitter with high bitterness and medium malt flavour.
Cisco Kid Pale Ale 5.7% Sierra Nevada P.A. A deep amber coloured, full bodied pale ale. Medium bitterness and bold hop flavour.
Bostons Pilsner 5% Samuel Adams Golden coloured Pilsner style lager. Medium/high bitterness with a soft malt flavour.
Warlocks Ale 5.3% Pete’s Wicked Ale A medium bodied American ale. Medium bitterness with a fruity hop aroma.
Springbok Lager 5.2% Castle Lager Light bodied beer with medium bitterness, hop flavour and aroma.
Brave Boss 4.8% Director’s Bitter Heavy bodied English Ale.
Blitzer Pils 4.8% Bitburger Premium Pils Medium bodied pilsner with strong balanced malt flavour.
Honey Sting 4.8% Beez Neez A classic of our honey range.
Little Animals Pale Ale 4.9% Little Creatures PA Golden coloured light bodied beer with medium bitterness.
Garden Wheat 4.9% Hoegarden Golden coloured beer with medium bitterness.
Tassie Devil 5.2% Razor Edge Larger Smooth easy to drink larger.
Barwon Gold 5% James Squire Golden Ale A smooth golden ale.
Hobbling Troll 5.2% Hobgoblin A medium bodied classic English ale.
Koke’ Pils 4.9% Kokanee A light bodied Canadian style beer with low
*Gluten free option available