Meet the team at U-Brew It, Rockingham WA

The U-Brew Rocko crew consist of a family of four Eddys -

Graeme - The "Wise One" Has over 40 years in the industry (as a tester of course.) He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience and never shies from a good yarn.

Jenny - "Brewmaster" No one is more equiped than this women at brewing...Meticulous and borderline insane in regards to cleanliness & brewing guidelines. The reason U-Brew It Rockingham produce some of the best beer around!

Travis - The "Boss" With beer his absolute passion which nears obsession U-Brew It Rockingham is in good hands. Constantly monitoring, watching & testing, he makes sure every brew that leaves the shop is of a quality that rivals anything on the market. Always trying new things, your sure to find something that you love instore. 

Callan - The "Runt of the Litter" under the guidance of Graeme & Travis, he is learning the ropes of making a great beer. 

The U-Brew Rocko crew

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